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?Last week, ?we posted our best recipes for how to brine a turkey, make side dishes and freeform tarts, and some suggestions for wines to serve at the feast. If you’;re having a crowdpersonalized wedding party gifts, now’;s the time to figure out what to serve all this on, and where the guests will sit…;

We went back into the Archive to dig out links for how to make big tables both round and rectangular, and a variety of makeshift seating options, including our favorite bench made of chairs. We’;re posting it early, in case you need to stop by the lumber yard for plywood of planks.

retro cushion covers

The essential liberating rule of thumb: nothing needs to match…;neither tableclothes, nor napkins, nor dishes, nor chairs…;nor glasses…;

photo: ikea

Here you go:

holiday resource: makeshift seatinghow to seat a crowd: chair benchcopy this: hinged, folding/expanding table topsawhorse tables as solution sculptured-i-y expandable table pt.1 (round) for holiday and other celebrationsd-i-y expandable table pt.2 (rectangle) for holiday and other celebrationsone big swell table from several smaller ones

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Teachers might not have big pocketbooks, but they definitely have big hearts.

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