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The day is finally here and we are so excited to share?with the world news about the new 7gypsies?Architextures? Collection.?The brain-child of Christine Meier,?Architextures? features truly new and unique craft?products we know you are going to love. As Christine and her band of Gypsies?traveled to maker’;s fairs, vintage markets, salvage yards,?antique shops and flea markets looking for inspiration and ideas for new products, the idea for a new collection emerged. The team explored different techniques, production options and technologies that might help bring the idea to life…; craft products that are inspired by?real items that not only look?like the real thing, but they have the same properties, texture?and even dimensions. ?

Pinterest is filled with them, flea markets?are busting at the seams with them?and vintage fairs have sprung up everywhere?to create a wonderful place to gather and share them…; vintage items, photos of the vintage items?and clever uses for vintage items…; but how do you craft with them? You can alter a book, paint a jar or make a journal with found art, but how do you get the look and feel in the?everyday crafts that we love to create? It?started with a simple idea…;just create them…;the most important question…; could it be done? ?Could objects be re-created to look and feel like the?real thing and a become craftable pieces??? ??This is how it all started…;?

outdoor pillow covers

The answer is YES, but it was?not that easy. There were many NOs before they were?turned into?YESes. The process was tumultuous and the team never?gave up asking, challenging and trying out new things. In the end, a combination of Dutch technology, Asian?creativity and American art, design and?ingenuity allowed a wonderful new collection of products?to be?created. Each element of the collection has a?vintage, ‘;foundpersonalized wedding party gifts,’; nostalgic, classic feel, while bringing brand new products that are perfect for mixed media,?paper crafts, altered art, DIY, vintage crafts, repurposed crafts and so much more. A traditional antique store focuses on items from?the past and generally the items are pretty old and?maybe from a certain period in time. ?Flea Markets and Vintage Fairs are ?a little different in that they bring old and new together with fresh ways to use old products, old ways to use new items, repurpose products that have long been forgotten and then fun and?unique items fill in. ?This is how the 7gypsies?Architextures? Collection?was born and truly embrace the idea of bringing together old and new, fresh ideas, things we collect, items that remind us of special times, objects that help us remember?places we have been?and pieces that remind us of places we want to go. ?

Featured on a vintage, turquoise bedspring at the 2017 Creativation Show (CHA), the line was officially launched and what a wonderful?reception it received! ?Displaying this new collection is so much fun, out with the traditional fixtures and in with fun and?unique repurposed items that are perfect for displays and setting a Flea Market tone, what a fun way to attract new customers. ?Let us tell you a bit about each of the elements of the collection and unleash your creative juices.

Oh, the Ledgers, Books and Notebooks will take your breath away! We all drool when we find a vintage version at a local fair, but to have them at our fingertips is a dream come true! So many ideas; so many wonderful, blank vintage pages; so many?memories to be added! A collection of vintage style books that were inspired by wonderful?engraved leather volumes, ledgers of the time and found art that made?a new home between the covers of each book. ?The Gypsies created each book to be unique and yet meet all of today’;s creative needs and then making an eclectic group of books that truly look like they came from?the past. ?To view the collection and to learn more about each of them?–; 7gypsies Architextures? –; Books &; Ledgers

Let’;s work our way backwards through?the elements starting with the wonderful?adhesive embellishments. ?Fondly named the Architextures? Trinkets, Treasures and Findings, they are wonderful reproductions of found objects that will?just steal your heart. ?There are three different names to?describe each of?the different types of embellishments. ?Architextures??Treasures are larger elements that measure about 4″; tall, making them perfect as?focal points that will stand out in a wonderful way. ?Each one was inspired by a real item and has the look, feel and texture of the actual object. ?

An Architextures??Trinket is a set of 3 different objects that make up a little collection or theme;?Architextures??Findings are collections of wonderful?objects or a single found?gem that just had to be included. ?The items are made with various?materials, finishes and technologies that allow them each to not only resemble the real item, but to also emulate the?actual texture and feel of?the real object. No need for themes or collections that are traditional in this market, each piece stands on its own?and can be used in so many different ways; for holiday creations, travel or?because you just love to collect. ?

The Architextures? Parchment Rub-Ons are something very special, we must say. ?They are quite unique and oh so fun to play?with. Here is what they are…; a sheet of kraft parchment paper with artwork that measures about 16″; wide x 24″; tall,?filled with black, vintage art. ?The art is printed?with a special pressure-sensitive ink that allows the?designs?to be rubbed off the parchment onto paper, fabric or other slightly textured surfaces. The end result is a wonderful, distressed stamp effect that you can add to any creative project. ?Think of it as?a big sheet of?individual stamps in a full range of sizes and designs that you can add just about anywhere. If you were to buy all of the stamps and the ink, you would spend a fortune; that is if you could even find all of the designs in a stamp! The rub-ons being printed on a parchment sheet also gives you?the?flexibility to wrap the design around a corner or cut it into smaller pieces…; oh, the options aplenty! ?There are currently 5 different Rub-On themes and we know you are going to love them all –; Grow, Live, Inspire, Build and Pose.

Can we talk?Architextures? Stash Paques for a minute…; We just have to show you what you?get in these sweet little vintage-style booklets that are sewn?together at the top. Yes, sewn together! They look stunning?before we even open them up. The?packaging is so cool that even the inside covers are filled with art you can use in your projects making every single piece of the pack usable.?Let’;s explore what is inside that wonderful stash of goodies.

So…; inside you can find vintage inspired labels, market themed alphabets,?eclectic ephemera and art in a?variety of sizes and shapes, and a piece of textured paper with an all-over print that is adhesive and feels just?like a fabric wallpaper. ?There are 2 different packs currently –; Create and Enjoy. ?

A clever pack of goodies that is centered around one of our favorite words –; Create –; inspiring us to be creative every day –; Architextures? Stash Packs –; Create

A wonderful collection of art that reminds you to enjoy live and live it to the fullest –; Architextures? Stash Packs –; Enjoy

We keep using the word ‘;unique’;, but it is hard to find?another word to describe the different elements of?the?Architextures? program. ?Each one is so different in itself and then, when you put them together, magic happens.?

So let’;s talk about Junque or Junk, however you want to spell it, but we like it when 7g spells things in their own funky, fun way. ?Architextures? Junque Packs are all inspired by salvage finds and reproductions of larger pieces that are nearly?impossible to craft with, but we love the look, feel and texture of these finds. ?Each pack is filled with 6 different sheets of?textured, dimensional, realistic, adhesive pieces that come together to create each theme. ?These pieces can be used just as?they are or distressed, painted, cut, trimmed, torn…; you can do whatever you wish with the junk and have a ball doing it. ?

There?are 8 different styles and each one is made?with a special patented technology that gives?each piece the?unbelievable detail.?Every?collection is so engaging?to work with; even?the packaging features a?unique printed element that finishes each pack. The styles are all based on spaces in?the home, places to escape and old warehouses where the past is stored away –; Garage, Parlour, Porch, Attic, Warehouse, Cabana, Cabin and Library. ?

The same great technology was used to recreate these amazing ceiling?and wall tiles that are called Architextures? Tin Tiles. They measure about 5.5″;x5.5″; and look?just like the real thing but are flexible, easily torn or cut and can be added to just about any surface. The adhesive on all the pieces is a good?quality binder?but additional use of glue is always suggested when working on?highly textured?surfaces or with wet mediums.

Let’;s start at?the beginning as we round out this program with the?Architextures? Short Bases and Tall Bases. Once again, made with patented technology, but in this case the results are quite different. ?The special ink used allows for negative space?where it is needed to create background art; this is very similar to using a stencil and texture medium or paint to create the base of?your project. The?nice part about this is that you can alter the base before?applying it to your project with paint, ink, stain, dye, etc. ?These pieces can also be used as a stencil, mask or embellishment; the choice is all yours. Tall Bases are about 6″;x9″; with a single or a collection of items that take up about that much space; Short Bases fill about 6″;x6.”; ?The Bases are featured in a range of?neutral colors and all can be altered to get?the look and feel?you like.

The entire line of Bases was inspired but one single item –; the chicken wire –; that metal?embellishment that actually hurts you to work with it; you know the sharp pieces that will poke?you if you are not careful enough. ?Well,?injury no more! This soft, flexible version adds the same great look, without the fear of injury by craft product!!! Each of the bases is inspired by actual pieces found or things the gypsies just love. ?

So there you have it; the newest creations by the Gypsy Team and, while it looks pretty good in photos, it is utterly?amazing in person. The other fun part?about this collection is that it is like a?treasure hunt. ?Different stores will carry different pieces of the line,?letting you search to?and fro to find all of the relics. So be on?the look out for the 7gypsies?Architextures? brand?and, if you don’;t see it in your local store, please ask for them by name and if your local store does carry them, ask them when they will be?getting?the newest designs as there will be new designs released all the time.

Here?are all the links to take you in the right direction if you are interested in adding the collection to your store, picking up a few pieces for?your?stash or to learn more about the entire program. ?

See the entire collection in the shop –;?7gypsies?Architextures?

Sign up for a wholesale 7gypsies account and receive all of the information –; email us –; call 866.376.9961

Become a 7gypsies distributor –;??email us –;? call 866.376.9961

This wonderful new collection is the perfect companion for all of the other 7gypsies lines including –; Gypsy Seamstress, Ordre Du Jour, Wanderlust, American Vintage and Gypsy Moments.

Dress Form Created by Donna Braaten-Budzynski –; featuring the 7gypsies Collection Gypsy Seamstress

?Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

This idea comes from our contributor?Anne Weil. For the weaving mold,?she used a cornstarch container readily available from her kitchen, but she says, "you can use anything hard and square?like a glass vase, a Tupperware container or the like." Note: If you use a bigger container, you will need more cord.?Even better, the gifting possibilities are endless and transcend?the season.?Her suggestion? "Repurpose it after the special day to hold your favorite plant."

It’s hard to believe, but school is about to start and autumn is right around the corner! With that in mind, we want to look at some of the main trends we’re seeing for fall. If you ask us, it’s never too early to bring a pumpkin home!

You are going to love this heart bear craft beary much!

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