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Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! We love bold wall patterns. They naturally draw attention, so they tend to work well for accent walls and entryways.? Think of it as greeting your guests with a splash of style.? Stencils are the perfect way to add a pattern to your space.? A wall stencil can achieve a wallpaper like look but without the hassle and expense. Today we’;re sharing a stenciled entryway that has been stenciled to impress!

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We’;d like you to meet Krys Melo, the creative DIYer behind the project we’;re about to share with you today.? Krys writes a blog called Melodramapersonalized wedding party gifts, which focuses on DIY, Decor, Food, Cocktails, Vintage, Travel.? She also has an Instagram account filled with decor eye-candy but let’;s get back to her latest project involving stencils.? Krys had grown tired of her grey colored entryway.? She wanted something more interesting so she decided to paint her front door Tropical Coral by Glidden.? Here is what it looked like:

We love a fun paint color on a door!? Krys didn’;t stop there.? She said, “;Since I rent and can’t exactly put up wallpaper, I had to rely on paint or decals. I didn’t want to paint the entire room a different color so I decided to try stenciling.”;? Wall stencils are often the DIY choice over wallpaper because it is less expensive and easier to execute.? Krys browsed our extensive online stencil collection, and she fell in love with our Beads Allover Stencil.? It had a mid-century vibe that seemed to fit her current decor.

She used blue painters tape to adhere her stencil to her accent wall. This worked best in keeping the geometric pattern in place. Then she used a dense foam roller to paint the wall pattern in black.? She was careful not to load too much paint on her roller because this would have caused the design to bleed.

After each section was painted, she would untape the stencil and realign to continue the pattern.? Krys did this until her entire wall was painted.

Once the entire accent wall was stenciled, Krys moved her decor back into place.? This is what the Beads Allover Stencil looked like in her entryway.

The pattern was so fabulous that she continued it around the entryway giving it a wallpaper like look.? Krys commented, “;Tada! I love it so much I’ve decided to continue it all?around the room!”;

Tell us, where in your home would you paint the Beads Allover Stencil?? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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