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Happy New Year to all!

Well, expecting a baby girl has given me some new opportunities to learn skills I never attempted before…; embroidery! I bought some plain white fabric at the street market here in Sicily and after hemming them, wanted to add some baby motifs to the top of the sheets. But how? I just recently got into sewingpersonalized wedding party gifts, and all I can do for now is basic hemming…;.embroidery using a sewing machine is out of the question. So, after a bit of creative thinking, I remembered I had some fabric markers…;.and I have have rubber stamps…;..and I have embroidery thread…;..alas! It all came together!

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Here’;s how…;.it’;s so simple and yet so professional looking…;..nobody will ever know your secret!

You will need:

Material (on which to embroider)

Fabric markers

Embroidery thread (like the kind you use for cross stitch…;..regular sewing thread is too thin)

Rubber stamps (that have thin borders and lines)


Trace your rubber stamp’;s lines or borders using the same color markers as your motif. (For example, my flower was traced with a pink marker because my thread was pink…;..and the leaves were traced with a green marker because the thread was green). Trace the rubber stamp at least twice to make sure the ink is on the stamp and then when finished huff a little to moisten the stamp and then stamp the fabric.

Next, using embroidery thread, begin hand sewing over and under as you would do a normal hem. Here, you can see I finished the leaves. Pretty huh? (Sorry for the blurry picture)

And here is the finished flower…;…;because the marker underneath coordinates with the color of the thread, you don’;t see the marker! Looks professional huh? =)

Happy embroidering!

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