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You may not use it every day; for that matter, you may not even use it very often at all, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't matter what your guest room looks like. By definition, after all, it's a part of your home that guests will see and spend time inpersonalized wedding party gifts, so it's a place that you'll want to make comfortable, welcoming and of course, attractive.

You'll also want to do so in a way which is in line with the décor in the rest of your home. If retro is the look you're going for throughout other rooms, then you'll want to continue this theme into the guest room. As it happens, the retro look is a perfect fit for guest rooms – and since this isn't a room which will see a lot of use in most homes, it's one which you can have some fun with and try things which might be just a little too bold for the master bedroom.

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Furnishings: One somewhat unusual, but decidedly retro piece which you might want to think about putting in the guest bedroom is a round bed. It may be a little too much late 60's for permanent use in a bedroom, but as a guest bed, it's an interesting (and fun) touch which house-guests are certain to not only appreciate, but enjoy. For bedside tables, dressers and other pieces, you may actually be best off by looking for vintage pieces which fit your retro décor or taking older pieces of furniture from other rooms (especially if they're old enough to qualify as retro) to use for the guest room.

Window Treatments And Lighting: You might want to try something a little different in terms of window treatments for a guest room than you would choose for the rest of the home. For example, wooden blinds make a good window treatment for guest rooms, since they're excellent at shutting out light to allow your guests to sleep peacefully – and if your guest room doubles as a study or home office, they're also very suitable.

Colours: A restful colour such as a pale green works well for a guest bedroom while still being a good fit for a retro decorating scheme; you can provide some contrast with bedding and duvet sets in retro colours like brown, burnt orange and gold. Throw pillows in these colours also provide a nice accent.

Ladies, I am about to start a deluge of pillow DIYs for you, I hope you don’t mind. They’re all quite bright as they’re themed for amystery-event-to-be-revealed-later (I can’t wait to tell you about it!). First up is a pouf pillow, a little tuffet of sorts. While I used some crazy sequin trim on clearance at Wal Mart, you may want something more subtle, perhaps Pom Pom Fringe, beaded ribbon, or piping. This DIY pillow was great because I had to use actual geometry (remember that the circumference of a circle = 2r X pi?)…

One thing I have learned about wedding planning is that when brilliant ideas?strike, you just have to run with them.?Even though our wedding is still?6 months away, yesterday I was inspired to begin my thank you notes. We received our first gift a week ago and that got me thinking about this task on my to do list. I knew I did not want to buy them but really had not seen pictures of anything that I might want to do. Usually my projects are inspired by a picture that I saw of what someone else did. I very rarely think of something completely original off the top of my head. Although this is not based on a picture, my favorite store can definitely be given the assist on this one.

Here’s a pillow made by Linda Teufel (Dragon Threads Publishing) from the book Silk Unraveled by Lorna Moffat/Dragon Threads Ltd. It’s a great project for using up silk scraps or small pieces. A beginner level project, you can’t really make a mistake due to the freeform nature of the embellishments.?

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