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What’;s poppin’;, DIY designers? With a little help from Cutting Edge Stencils, your home’;s interior design can be! We have faith that you will fall into deep infatuation with the stencil projects featured below that can add a POP of style and color to your home! The Nagoya Stencil?we’;re about to show you is definitely a customer favorite to use on various pieces of furniture. Get excited to see the creative things you can do with old furniture and fashionable stencils!

Nagoya Desk

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Rita, the blogger behind Design Megillah, stenciled this awesome home decor piece with some help from our Nagoya design! She bought a vintage drop-leaf desk off of Craigslist with hopes of sprucing it up to look new again! After applying our stencil pattern with the paint of her choicepersonalized wedding party gifts, this stunning desk was reborn, and Rita’;s hopes were fulfilled! Check out her super easy process below!

Rita’;s first step was to lightly sand down the entire desk so that the paint would take better to the wood. Then she went for a more surprising effect, applying blue spray paint to the inside portion of the desk! The rest of the desk was coated in white primer, followed by a layer of?Benjamin Moore‘;s?Barren Plain.?Once Rita used a dense foam roller to apply the base coats of paint, she got to stenciling with Martha Stewart’;s craft paint in a satin finish called?Wet Cement! Spray adhesive was used to suction the stencil to the wood surface, preventing smudging. Also to prevent bleeding, Rita used very little paint on her foam roller! Using a small stencil brush, it is very easy to go back and fix any slight paint smears and perfect your design! In a few short hours, Rita turned her run-down desk into an upscale,?up-style?masterpiece!

Nagoya Stenciled Dresser

Ashley, from the blog Cherished Bliss, created this gorgeous Nagoya topped dresser! She was?adamant?about finding the perfect piece of furniture for the perfect price, and when that failed,?Cutting Edge Stencils?was there to fix her woes! Ashley took our Nagoya Craft stencil in medium, and wowed herself with the results! After painting the body of the dresser with aqua blue paint, Ashley used?the dark wax from Annie Sloan to create the Nagoya pattern on the top! She found the repeating pattern to be easy to use and was in love with her results! This dresser is so unique and eye-catching, we just can’;t stop staring!

If you fell in love with these brilliant DIYers’; projects and wish to stencil your furniture:

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