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Decorating your home can be a treacherous task. With so many styles and fluctuating trends on the market it can be very easy to end up with a garish mish mash of fickle fads. To make things a lot easier, we have included below a simple set of foolproof guidelines. Print off these guidelines on your finest paper, frame and place on the bedside table and remember to recite them every night- once you have these simple but crucial engraved into your memorypersonalized wedding party gifts, DIY disasters will be a thing of the past.

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Do – Use nature for inspiration. Bringing stones and shells, plants and other outdoor items into your home as part of your scheme and adding nature based wallpaper prints will add an earthly calm.

Don’t – Try not to confuse a room with numerous focal points. Yes you want various points of interest but decide early what will be the main feature in a room then build around it.

Do – Really take the time to weigh everything up when choosing materials for large areas in your home such as floors and walls. Stone or marble flooring may have seemed awfully sophisticated whilst you were on holiday but during a British winter you’ll yearn for a little snugness. Similarly, a natural wooden floor really does look terrific, but have you carefully evaluated the upkeep and compared that with the upkeep of carpeting? Will you be on alert everything you here the sound of high heeled shoes, or worse- stilettos?!

Don't – Don’t fall for every new trend. Fads come and go but your bank balance is forever. Instead, simply choose things that YOU love.

Yvonne and Rebecca Drury co-founded their hand-drawn wallpaper and textile business ‘MissPrint’ in 2005, and really understand the impact colour and pattern can have on your home and your wellbeing. We spoke to the MissPrint team to get some advice about the use of decor in influencing our mood and promoting a more mindful, happy home.

After the war the 1950's really took off again in terms of interior design and decorating the home became fun once more! It wasn't just about putting some new décor pieces up either - everything changed. A new life had begun and this was shown immensely in home decorating - anything that was old and with memories of the difficult war period was rejected and anything that was new was embraced with mucho gusto!

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