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Please welcome Creative Contributor Colleen from Lemon Thistle. She’;s always coming up with creative simple ideas to help you all live a creative life! I’;ve made Glittered Clothespins before, but never thought to make DIY Bright White Clothespins with Gold Coil. Changing the color of the coil is brilliant!

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Hello again, Colleen here from Lemon Thistle (home to DIY, parties, home decorpersonalized wedding party gifts, printables and babies). Today I’;m sharing these DIY Bright White and Gold Coil Clothespins. I’;m a little ashamed of how crazy excited I am about these clothespins!

They were really simple to make, but I can’;t believe how big of a change a little paint can make! The colour change updates them to be more than acceptable on my walls- a feature. ? ? ?

I made these clothespins for a party next week (26 of them- can you guess what I’;m hanging?), but couldn’;t help but find a permanent home for a few of them. I love them hanging photos, but I really really love them hanging my paintings while they dry. I’;m thinking I’;ll even use these pins to style photos when I get my printable store up and running- I love them that much. But I’;ll stop talking about how much I love them…; because they’;re clothespins, and I’;m not crazy- promise.

Here’;s What You’;ll Need to Make Your Own:

So, that’;s what I used to make these- but I would recommend adding in a clear coat to seal the wood before you start spraying them white. I’;m a super impatient crafter, so I skipped it- but I regretted it. The wood soaked up so much paint, I ended up doing more coats than I would care to admit. A good clear coat before hand would have saved me a few coats, I’;m sure!

Before you get started with your spray paint, disassemble your clothespins. Twisting them is the quickest way I found to do this. Then, lay the wood pieces out in a separate area from the coils and give them several coats of spray paint (letting each coat dry completely). You’;ll want to turn them every coat to make sure you’;re getting even coverage on all sides.

When you’;re happy with how the pieces look, it’;s time to get assembling again. This is where the patience comes in. Turn on a half hour TV show (if you’;re doing as many as I did!) and piece them back together. It took me a little bit to get the hang of assembling the clothespins, but once I did it went quickly. That’;s really all there is too this- it’;s not at all complicated.

So, tell me- am I completely crazy, or would you give this a shot (and tell everyone you know, just like me)? What would you use them for? I’;ve spotted some clothespins turned into magnets or attached to pin boards to hold paper…; I kind of want to give that a shot for a few!

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