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personalized wedding party gifts Add Some Imaginary Books to Your Library, Like Dickens geometric cushion covers

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Ann Sappenfield

Like Jorge Luis Borges, who wrote short stories referencing imaginary books, Charles Dickens filled part of his study with fake books whose fantastical titles he invented. He had a bookbinder create imitation book-backs that he affixed to real books.

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The effect is rather dazzling. Titles evoke a magical world whose contents we are left to imaginingpersonalized wedding party gifts, like?Five Minutes in China, 3 vols…;Jonah’s Account of the Whale…;Drowsy’s Recollections of Nothing, 3 vols. ?The full list is below.

Designer Ann Sappenfield brought Dicken’;s library to life: she made her own fake bookbindings with Dickens’ titles for an exhibition at the New York Public Library.

Ann Sappenfield

History of a Short Chancery SuitCatalogue of Statues of the Duke of WellingtonFive Minutes in China. 3 vols.Forty Winks at the Pyramids. 2 vols.Abernethy on the Constitution. 2 vols.Mr. Green’s Overland Mail. 2 vols.Captain Cook’s Life of Savage. 2 vols.A Carpenter’s Bench of Bishops. 2 vols.Toot’s Universal Letter-Writer. 2 vols.Orson’s Art of Etiquette.Downeaster’s Complete Calculator.History of the Middling Ages. 6 vols.Jonah’s Account of the Whale.Captain Parry’s Virtues of Cold Tar.Kant’s Ancient Humbugs. 10 vols.Bowwowdom. A Poem.The Quarrelly Review. 4 vols.The Gunpowder Magazine. 4 vols.Steele. By the Author of “Ion.”The Art of Cutting the Teeth.Matthew’s Nursery Songs. 2 vols.Paxton’s Bloomers. 5 vols.On the Use of Mercury by the Ancient Poets.Drowsy’s Recollections of Nothing. 3 vols.Heavyside’s Conversations with Nobody. 3 vols.Commonplace Book of the Oldest Inhabitant. 2 vols.Growler’s Gruffiology, with Appendix. 4 vols.The Books of Moses and Sons. 2 vols.Burke (of Edinburgh) on the Sublime and Beautiful. 2 vols.Teazer’s Commentaries.King Henry the Eighth’s Evidences of Christianity. 5 vols.Miss Biffin on Deportment.Morrison’s Pills Progress. 2 vols.Lady Godiva on the Horse.Munchausen’s Modern Miracles. 4 vols.Richardson’s Show of Dramatic Literature. 12 vols.Hansard’s Guide to Refreshing Sleep. As many volumes as possible

Ann Sappenfield

Rather than bind the books with new titles, we’;re thinking we could just make paper covers with imaginary titles and wrap some of our books in them. In doing so change we’;d change our library, and our view.

Elephant Meditations…;The Autobiography of a Tree…;Sleep Cookery…;


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