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Dining rooms can be dull and boring, especially when they're not used on a daily basis. The décor's stalepersonalized wedding party gifts, out-dated and needs a kick start to beckon people back through the doors. Adding quirky details is a great way to freshen a boring dining room; these little quirks will entice the room to be used more frequently, they will also give the room its identity back. ?

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I have a problem.? I want to make everything.? Like, everything I see…..I want to make it instead of buying it. My brain works on overdrive figuring out how I could make something for so much less than the price tag.? But there are not enough hours in the day, fingers on my hands, or space in my house for all the supplies.

Surprise, surprise! I'm back with another DIY tutorial. Our?September wedding is fast approaching, and I'm feeling the pressure to get my projects completed. With most of our other details already hashed out, I'm lucky to be able to devote my time to hand-making most of the wedding decor.

My wife and some of her friends are avid quilters. The blocks they make as they create new quilts need to be ironed along the way and a regular ironing board is a bit too small for their tastes.? They wanted something wider that also has a consistent width along its full length (no more pointy end for them).I've seen a few plans floating around the internet showing various solutions, but I didn't like the way they attached the new bigger top to the old ironing board.? Velcro, clips, grips…too bulky, too unsightly, and difficult to store during those rare moments the pointy end of the original ironing board is actually needed for normal laundry.My wife's ironing board is a fairly new model, so the top is made from plastic…that ruled out the bulky clamping approaches.? Using velcro just didn't seem sturdy enough to keep an oversized board in place.Fortunately, when I peeled back the cover on her ironing board to see what might work, I discovered the plastic top had a great pattern of holes…and a simple solution was inspired! ?You can see her ironing board, minus its original cover, standing next to the new top in the first picture. ?The second picture shows the new top in use.I've made three of these at the TechShop in San Jose.? For more info on TechShop, see their website at:?

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