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We all know that a home is not simply a place to rest our head at night but is actually an extension of who we are. With this in mind we should make sure that the impression they give to others is a true reflection of who we are. Trying to live in a show home twenty four hours a day for the sake of the neighbours just is not practical and is no way to live- if you can’t be yourself at home then where? So how do we project a positive image of ourselves through our homes whilst still allowing it to look as though somebody lives there? A really good way to start is by drawing up a little list of your hobbies and interests.

Obviously you don’t want your front room to end up like your little boy’s Manchester United themed bedroom- do you? Therefore you must either choose the more suitable hobbies on your list to draw influence from or find subtle ways to include facets of your less suitable ones.

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For example, some sepia photographs depicting famous or humorous moments in your favourite team’s history would actually add some real depth and warmth to a room. If you are a keen photographer then even better, include some of your own work. A long hallway provides the ideal setting for a series of shots taken of the same thing or of an object or person in motion. Similarlypersonalized wedding party gifts, if you are a keen painter you could display your work around the house.

If you don’t yet have the confidence to take over the walls of the sitting room then instead use the home office or bedrooms as gallery space. Your love of painting could actually shape the entire theme of the room. If it is the great French Impressionists of the 19th century why not introduce some period Parisian shabby-chic to your kitchen or hallway. It is marvellously effective yet surprisingly cheap look to pull off. Simple items like an old wooden coat or hat stand or some tasselled curtains would really add some charm to such a look.

If travel or the great outdoors are your passions then what a home you could have! A really eclectic mix of furniture and a rich tapestry of fabrics, patterns and ornaments from other cultures would add so much life and interest to any room. Nature provides so many great themes and materials to use in the home so really make use of them.

Welsh slate, bamboo flooring from the Far East, exotic plant life, Canadian Maple, and Italian marble are just a small selection of wonderful offerings nature has for your home. They also show how a hobby or interest can actually add really class and style to your home. Using your interests as a base theme for your home is a brilliant way to decorate with some individuality- and if it forces you to take up some better hobbies for the sake of the décor then even better!

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I hope that all of my US readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We were happy to celebrate with family and even happier that my college girl was able to come home for the week! Normally I always forget to take photos on Thanksgiving (I get all caught up in the prep and forget) but this year I was determined to stop and take some pictures. I thought I’d share with you some Thanksgiving Table Ideas by showing you what I came up with this year. This post contains affiliate links.

Today we're going to take a look at some interior design ideas for your dining room. This is one room that you'll definitely want to put a little extra effort into and as you'll quite literally have enough on your plate on the day why not start making those little changes now, before you're not too busy? If you dining room is in need of redecoration there are some tricks which you use to tide you over until the New Year. Large rugs are ideal for placing under the table.

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