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It seems as though as soon as you’;ve decorated your fireplace mantel for Fall, it’;s time to do a whole new look for Christmas!?This year, we’;re taking on a new strategy —; we’;re decorating our mantel bit by bit. We’;re using the same pieces from early Fall through Christmas, just adding things here and there. Here’;s how we did it:

We started with these items:

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This simple arrangement is a great way to kick off a new season. It feels festive and perfectly appropriate for Fall, and what’;s more,?it’;s the perfect base for your Christmas mantel later in the season.

It’;s important to remember when you’;re decorating your mantel to have something at each height. Firstpersonalized wedding party gifts, you’;ll want something very tall, the same height or three-fourths the height of your actual fireplace. We used a large mirror (which has a gorgeous antique gold finish), but you could also use a large piece of art!

Next, we chose something in the middle, still tall, but not as tall as your focal point. Two large tortoise hurricanes are perfect, and they’;re perfect for holding dried branches.

Finally, we brought some things that are short and fill up the ledge of the mantel. Flameless candles with a birch texture look pretty, plus they’;re remote operated, so you can turn them on all at once. Paired with some dried magnolia leaves and a long, narrow votive holder, you’;ve got the perfect mantel for this Fall season.

Once November hits, entertaining is in full swing and the holiday season is nearing. We like to take things up just a notch by adding?two large ropes of Live Magnolia garland (so the ends can hang generously off the sides of the mantel), a twig wreath with an ochre colored ribbon,?and a few pine cones.

This mantel?works beautifully for Thanksgiving since it has natural elements that work year round, but the warm colors remind us of pumpkin pie and?sweet potatoes!

The magnolia garland makes a statement on this mantel since it’;s so full! We did use a carved reindeer —; the wood works perfectly with the rest of the mantel.

Once Christmas rolls around, we add a big magnolia wreath?tied with red ribbon, burlap stockings, reindeer stocking holders, and red berries and glass icicles to our branches.

Another great thing about this holiday mantel? You’;ve been adding pieces bit by bit, so you’;ll never feel overwhelmed. Decorating the mantel is a much less intimidating task this way.

Find tons of holiday inspiration here, and shop Ballard Designs Holiday decor.

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Ladies, I am about to start a deluge of pillow DIYs for you, I hope you don’t mind. They’re all quite bright as they’re themed for amystery-event-to-be-revealed-later (I can’t wait to tell you about it!). First up is a pouf pillow, a little tuffet of sorts. While I used some crazy sequin trim on clearance at Wal Mart, you may want something more subtle, perhaps Pom Pom Fringe, beaded ribbon, or piping. This DIY pillow was great because I had to use actual geometry (remember that the circumference of a circle = 2r X pi?)…

One thing I have learned about wedding planning is that when brilliant ideas?strike, you just have to run with them.?Even though our wedding is still?6 months away, yesterday I was inspired to begin my thank you notes. We received our first gift a week ago and that got me thinking about this task on my to do list. I knew I did not want to buy them but really had not seen pictures of anything that I might want to do. Usually my projects are inspired by a picture that I saw of what someone else did. I very rarely think of something completely original off the top of my head. Although this is not based on a picture, my favorite store can definitely be given the assist on this one.

Here’s a pillow made by Linda Teufel (Dragon Threads Publishing) from the book Silk Unraveled by Lorna Moffat/Dragon Threads Ltd. It’s a great project for using up silk scraps or small pieces. A beginner level project, you can’t really make a mistake due to the freeform nature of the embellishments.?

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