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frank bayh &; steff rosenberger-ochs

When the building of the ‘;stuttgart 21’; train station commenced, demonstrators started setting up camp on the location to prevent what is predicted to be the largest construction site in europe.?German photography studio?frank bayh &; steff rosenberger-ochs?captured make-shift homes devised and occupied by the protesters in an exhibition called ‘;the development of new urban quarters in the heart of the city’;. Design Boom has done a great post on it, with lots of photos:

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The ad-hoc complex has resulted in a colorful?and organic mixture of materials including tarps, umbrellaspersonalized wedding gifts, sticks and blankets, all compiled into the metropolitan dwellings. The personalized teepees showcase a different type of architectural expression springing from necessity into accidental?and eclectic structures.?

frank bayh &; steff rosenberger-ochs


frank bayh &; steff rosenberger-ochs


frank bayh &; steff rosenberger-ochs

We have a thing for improvised shelters, whether built inside or outside. It’;s part of a kind of survivalist game we play in our heads that has varuous iterations, like: “;what would we do if we had to make a shelter out of whatever is around…;”; We especially love the use of umbrellas in the Stuttgart homes, that give a colorful, pop-up, geodesic air to what are, essentially, teepees. Makes us want to make one of our own.

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