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personalized wedding gifts Starting From The Ground Up! 1- What Is Your Rug Style- funny cushion covers

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This week we are putting the spotlight on rugs and its going to be spectacular! By the end of the week you will have learned more about rugs than you could ever have thought imaginable - from how to choose your style, the fabrics in play, decorating ideas and even tips for taking care of them.

Starting from the ground uppersonalized wedding gifts, our first post takes a look at all the styles of rugs and how you can choose the style that will best reflect you and your home or office. Some rugs are named after the place in which they were first introduced to the world, whereas others get their name from one of the main characteristics or even their placement in the home.

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So to start off the week with a bang, read on to discover the main types of rugs available for dressing up your home and see which one you will fall for first!

The first Oriental rugs were made exclusively within China and were woven by hand; these days they are produced in other parts of the world - most recognisably India and Iran. Finding a high quality Oriental rugs at a favourable price is not as rare as it once was - so take advantage! Due to their Eastern roots, these rugs come with an incredible sense of warmth and mystery - add to that luxury and immense beauty. When quality is sought, you can guarantee that this style of floor rug will last many years in good condition - even when placed in high traffic areas of the home. Most Chinese rugs are made either from silk or wool, with the latter being more pocket-friendly.

The most innovative style of rugs that always stay on top of current trends and seek out new inspiring prints and colour combinations. Many different fabrics can be used in this style but what they all have in common is a uniqueness and artistic flair.

Makes you think of the seventies every time right? They were iconic of this era but shag rugs are yet again growing in popularity. Thankfully, as time has passed the Shag pile rug has become of a higher standard and quality; they also do far more that sitting looking pretty - with sound reducing qualities and floor insulation being among its advantages.

Very popular, braided area rugs look wonderful in country style homes or indeed - those homes taking on an arts and crafts style. Their uniqueness makes them popular among lovers of art and great design. They first came about in the 18th century and were an instant hit with their beautiful braided appearance.

…….here is little miss Cinderella. ?

After all my research and building a vision for my special day, it feels amazing to start bringing some of those dreams to life. It has also been quite cathartic during one of the most stressful times for work and, obviously, life in general. Doing things yourself isn’t just budget-savvy, but sanity-savvy as well!

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