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Well the year began with blue and looks set to end with blue At the beginning of this year and for the first time ever, Pantone announced twin colours as their colour(s) of the year – Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

yellow throw pillows

This pale, fresh and light but warm baby blue with the merest hint of lilac, brought a fresh, clean palette to our interiors for the spring and summer, but at the same time proved itself to be a truly accommodating shade for interior decor and one versatile enough to co-ordinate with and bring together many other palettes. It worked equally as well with complementary pastels as it did with deep and robust tones.

The remaining part of the year as we head into the autumn/winter seasons looks set to be truly blue too though, as the autumn colour palette is predicted to be led by the blue family, probably taking over more than half of it; so what other shades and tones of blue can we expect to see trending for the latter part of the year?

It is probably safe to say that all shades of blue will find favour over the autumn winter season from baby blue right through to turquoise and teal; but three that we can pin point in particular are airy blues, mid-blues and midnight blues – all in what I would call the ‘true-blue’ palette.

Airy blues offer a nod to the clean, ‘light’ Serenity blue of the spring but with no evidence of the warm lilac undertones and - ‘light’- now refers to weight rather than depth of colour. Pantone’s creative take on this is that . "Designers are trying to evoke weightlessness in a world heavy with conflict."

And the colour that they have actually named ‘Airy Blue’ on their new palette for the autumn/winter, certainly does that. It is a delightful shade, lofty, weightless and rested, just as accommodating as Serenity but with a slightly more grey-ish undertone, sometimes even leaning a little towards a proper air force blue; but is certainly not a flat or dull tone.

It’s versatility will see it pair equally as well with darker blues or greys as it would with the stronger greens, dusty deep pinkspersonalized wedding gifts, spicy mustard yellows and even taupe in the autumn palette. Airy Blue Inspiration - Here’s a few great examples of how to use Airy blue to create lofty, weightless and rested interiors to create inspired spaces to live, work and rest in:

This lovely powdery blue shade creates a spacious and airy kitchen (left) and adds softness to the clean lines. The kitchen image on the right is proof of this colour’s versatility. Used as base colour for the walls and combined with deeper mid-blue tones on the units and natural wood worktop, the combination is classic yet fresh and modern. The clean lines and simplicity of the units are given a sophisticated feel with the deeper blue tones.

Home Office (left): A perfect place to employ this colour’s weightless and rested qualities. Who wouldn’t want to work in a space as soothing and calm as this to relieve stress levels and anxiety? And that bathroom (right) seriously! Would you ever want to come out? This shade of blue looks great with white. It’s fresh and clean without being cold and the roll top, claw foot bath and architectural details give a classic look, but this colour doesn’t have style limitations, it works equally well in modern and traditional interiors alike.

And here’s proof of that. This stunning living room (left) shows how versatile airy blues are as we see them here teamed with a classic black and white combo to create a very elegant and sophisticated space. And in the lifestyle shot on the right we see how relaxed and informal airy blue, white, cream and light beige can look in this beautifully calm and relaxing but cosy cottage style scheme. Get the Look - My Top Choices from our product range to help you to ‘get the look’ with Airy Blue

Our Emma Bridgewater Swallows bedding set is perfect for an airy blue bedroom. The crisp white background sets of the light blue swallows beautifully and the reverse side of the duvet cover has a charming complementary print with a blue background and white leaves giving you two looks in one. The bedding set stands out beautifully against the slightly deeper mid-blue wall (also an On-Trend shade) and brings out the blue of the swallows on the duvet.

Our Chervil bedding sees light airy blues mixed with mid and deeper tones of blue, set over a crisp white and pale taupe background(another On-Trend seasonal shade). The look is fresh and clean and effortlessly evokes the feeling of the chervil blooms gently swaying in an airy breeze. The set looks great against the neutral off white walls and the white wooden floor.

Our Etoile quilted bedspread is beautifully detailed and superb for a sophisticated and opulent looking bedroom. The bedspread features a white background with a traditional blue floral motif which is beautifully over quilted and is complemented by a pale airy blue background. The bedspread has a feminine and romantic scalloped edge. The setting here is light and airy against the white walls but this bedding set would also look stunning against mid-blue walls as in our first image of the Swallows bedding.

And the Airy-Blue tones of our Longridge, Langden, Meadow and Chinaz curtain fabrics are just four of many beautiful, pale blue, woven and printed fabrics available from Terry’s. So no matter what room in your home you are furnishing, you will find something suitable from our vast range of high quality but affordable fabrics. Shop this colour on Terrys Fabrics – Transform your home for less with some more cool and affordable Airy Blue products.

Need any more ‘Airy Blue’ inspiration? Then here’s our Airy Blue Pinterest Board >; or see our Facebook Album On-Trend - ‘Airy Blues’ >;

The mid-blues in the colour palette (Pantone have named theirs Riverside) bring denim or pale sapphire tones but again with a very slight air-forcey grey tone. We are talking an interesting blue with plenty of depth of colour, vibrant but not vivid, very subtle and sophisticated. This is a colour that because of its subtlety and sophistication would be hard to get wrong for interiors. Pantone accurately describe it as cool and calming but at the same time strong and stable.

A colour which borders on exciting, yet maintains a sense of constancy or stability. It will work well with crisp whites and cream for a more colonial look, will become exciting and interesting paired with spicy mustard yellow or calm and classic with taupe. Mid-Blue Inspiration -?Here’s a few great examples of how to use mid-blues to create subtly vibrant and sophisticated interiors.

Blue and white is as timeless and classic a combination as black and white and is an almost fool proof combination for interior decor. Mid blues with white makes the white look extra clean and fresh and the depth of colour of the blue keeps the scheme warm looking without absorbing too much light.

So don’t be afraid to use mid blues as block colour on your walls if you’re balancing it with good amounts of white accents. The look will be opulent, sumptuous and inviting.

Equally as accommodating with blue is taupe. The two colours complement and balance each other beautifully. In the first image above mid-blue is simply used as an accent colour in the furnishings rather than a base colour and the addition of white and cream accents too, keeps the look light and airy but again very inviting. If you’re a little more adventurous with your interior choices, however, and prefer a splash of colour injected into your interior scheme, then introducing a strong accent colour such as this season’s spicy mustard (a warm, deep, ochre based yellow) will have an exciting vibrant, invigorating and uplifting effect combined with mid-blue.

If you’re not up for an all out blue re-vamp, sometimes just a few accent pieces are enough to bring an interior scheme up to date and on-trend. Swapping out or painting occasional furniture for example or adding or making some key coloured accessories can create eye catching pieces that not only look great, but don’t cost a lot and create talking points too. The blue ombre painted bookshelf above and the hand painted sea shells are two great examples of accessorising with an on-trend colour. Easy to achieve, unique, personal and just as easily changed again. Get the Look - My Top Choices from our product range to help you to ‘get the look’ with Mid-Blues

Great accessories can not only be a good way of adding accent or on-trend colours, but can also give a professional looking finish to your colour scheming. Our Marcin table lamp with a mid-blue into taupe ombre shaded base and our Tangiers cushion with mixed denim blues, would both make great mid-blue accessories to complement existing decor and bring your look up to date.

Our monochrome Henley bedding has a mid-denim blue base with a classic floral design, but the set is co-ordinated with a simple pin stripe keeping the look, fresh, current and up to date. This would look crisp and bright against white walls or opulent and romantic against mid-blue walls.

Our Oriental bedding features traditional oriental images and oversized blooms in mid-blue tones mixed with lighter pastel shades. The set looks great against the pale grey and white walls, but again could be give a different much more subdued rather than fresh look with deep to mid-blue drapes, a darker feature wall or maybe a large blue rug to pull the blue highlights out of the bedding.

Shop this colour on Terrys Fabrics – Transform your home for less with some more cool and affordable Mid-Blue products that I found for you)

And our Ditton Check bedding in navy is simplicity personified, with bags of style thrown in. The navy works really well with the pale grey and white base tones and looks crisp and clean but warm and inviting at the same time. ?

However, if you prefer something more rich, energising and vivacious for your interiors then look out for this season’s midnight hues. Midnight blue, indigo and inky, navy shades are bringing a richer more warming and daring palette of blues than the cool Serenity blue of the spring, and the new season’s airy and mid-blues. Don’t be daunted by the depth of colour that these rich hues bring and assume that deep sultry colours will mean dark, subdued and dull interiors.

These inky hues bring a rich and opulent luxury to our colour palettes and far from being dark or absorbing, create perfect springboards or backdrops from which to launch complementary colour schemes or pops of contrasting accents. Mid-Blue Inspiration – So here’s some inspiring examples of how midnight blues and navy hues can grace our interiors to create subtly vibrant (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms), sophisticated and even stunning interiors.

Some trend forecasters say that midnight blues and navy hues are going to be huge for 2016 into 17. We’ve already seen an influx of navy home decor items and a lean towards navy kitchen cabinets for a while now, .

but the growing trend for navy walls is now gaining pace; with statements about ‘ubiquitous’ and ‘omnipresent’ navy being used to endorse the notion that everyone needs a navy wall. My advice would be let want be your driving force not need because, taking inspiration from on-trend colour predictions but staying true to your own style will prevent you from falling into the trap of becoming a fashion or style victim and making yourself have a navy wall just because trend forecasters say you need one.

That said these are gorgeous hues to decorate with and not colours to be afraid of. Attractive and versatile, navy and midnight blues will accommodate room function and period style in any space in the home. So be it home office,

dining room,

bathroom, entrance hall,

bedroom or, .

living room;? a navy wall will suit it all!

If you are a catious deorator though and the thought of using vast amounts of such a rich, deep, colour still concerns you, then keep the look open, light and defined with balanced amounts of light neutrals, whites or creams and add accents of either warm woods or metallic contrasts for furniture and fixtures and you’ll find navy hard to get wrong as a wall colour.

Alternatively diffuse it’s strength by using it as a backdrop for a more vibrant colour such as teal, mustard (both also on-trend from this season’s Jewel in the Crown palette), or lime. The teal sofa in the image above perfectly demonstrate how vibrant colours pop against richer, darker tones; and how the light tones of the side tables, oversized lamp and occassional chair, keep the look balanced and light. If you still don’t fancy navy walls though then consider lighter tones for your walls and add the navy as accents or with a key piece of furniture such as the simple but stylish sofa in the image above right – understated but very stylish. Get the Look - My Top Choices from our product range to help you to ‘get the look’ with Midnight-Blues and Navy-Hues

These stunning faux silk ready-made curtains with a clean, white, geometric design against a midnight blue base and with a stylish eyelet heading make a real statement against the crisp white backdrop of this modern and contemporary space.

And our Ditton Check bedding in navy is simplicity personified, with bags of style thrown in. The navy works really well with the pale grey and white base tones and looks crisp and clean but warm and inviting at the same time.

These stylish vertical blinds in beautiful inky-indigo-navy demonstrate perfectly how easily you can use style and function to add a good volume of on-trend colour.

There’s never a short supply of fabulous curtain fabrics at Terry’s - in every shade imaginable, so here’s just a few beauties in midnight-blue.

And if you’re just looking to accessorise only with navy or midnight blue, then we can help you there too. Shop this colour on Terrys Fabrics – Transform your home for less with some more cool and affordable Mid-Blue products that I found for you)

One of our priorities when we purchased our current home was to have a large, flat driveway. We succeeded! In fact, we joke that we have an airport landing strip with our double circle drive and another that leads to the garage doors. While I don’t love asphalt, it is perfect for this season of our lives. We spend countless hours on our driveway watching the girls use the runway/race track with their?bicycles, tricycles and scooters. I wanted to pull into the driveway and feel a sense of peace, so we used outdoor lighting and seating to add charm and function to our driveway.

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