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We love our Bollywood actors in all?their?glory. ?And even though we don’;t like to admit it openly, secretly most of us do love to follow what they wear, their latest fashion faux pax, the bags they carry, the shoes they wear…;its an endless list of eye candy.

If you are like us then you might also wonderpersonalized wedding gifts, what do the stars wear when they travel??Definitely?not like us, right? Slacks, old shirts,?sweatshirt?( to keep away the blast from the ac)…;naah! They must be?travelling?in style, or do they?

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To quench your?curiosity, we have come up some images to give you a better idea on stars travel fashion. Do you like them?

Priyanka Chopra

She is definitely not the type to ‘;go easy’; on her attire just?because?she is travelling (that’s for regular people duh!). We love her put together look and those red jeggings?are a must have. What do you think of her look?

Kangna Ranaut

Okay, so no other Bollywood actress does ‘quirky’ as well as Kangna Ranaut. You might hate or love her style, but you definitely can’t ignore the way she put’s separates together to create a unique look. Like this one. Bohemian chic at it best for sure.

Sonam Kapoor

Don’t get confused; she?isn’;t?going for a business meeting to close a deal. That’s just a travel look and as usual, she takes it to the next level. When a look is this put together, we can’t help but wonder, does she have a special team of people just telling her to look awesome while travelling?

Deepika Padukone

Not many of us would consider wearing a white chikan dress while travelling. But then again, Deepika Padukone isn’;t your average?traveler. Comfortable but not sloppy, she looks rather elegant for a?traveler, don’t you think?

Kareena Kapoor

What’s the first thought that popped in your mind when you saw this image? That Mrs Kareena Kapoor looks much overdressed, right? Unless she is going for an event and that jacket is quite nice.

Bipasha Basu

Once again the combination of red and white but this time slightly different. We don’t have any issues with the look except that the boots. What’s with actresses and wearing boots while travelling? It’s not really that cold in a flight especially when you are flying first class.

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