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If you are to start your day on the right foot, you have to end it with a good sleep. Unfortunately, in a bid to have a kitchen, living room or bathroom that?guests will gasp in awe at, the bedroom is always the first budget casualty.

By far the best way to transform a tired looking bedroom and add some fast-acting life, colourpersonalized wedding gifts, style or romance is by updating your bedding sets. Being the central figure in all bedrooms, the bed commands most of the attention and any change to it will have a drastic impact on the immediate surroundings.

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As we all know, colour is mood enhancing. It can make you feel happy or sad, it can give you pep and energy or

it can help you relax or concentrate. With that in mind, you will probably think I’m crazy when I tell that the best colour for a bedroom is white. Where’s the passion? Where’s the ambience? It’s boring, right? Well not if you use your bedding to its full extent. A plain white room is certainly not boring when its centre piece is a zingy citrus or racy red duvet cover.

In fact, the sharp contrast will only enhance the vivid nature of such accent colours. But when you’re looking to bring a more tranquil tone to your evening, swapping them for a white duvet set will create a minimalist heaven and with all areas of the room similarly coloured, a soothing ambience is created in an instant.

?Matching items around the room can really help tie a scheme together. If matching curtains are out of your budget for now, flowers are a fantastic way to spread colour. They are cheap and come in many varieties so matching them to your bedspreads is as easy as can be. Other options include family photographs, paintings, throws, cushions rugs and ornaments- all of which allow maximum adaptability with very little outlay. They can be rearranged, updated or used in various combinations to drastically alter the mood of the room.

For a relaxed and cosy setting, try cotton-rich duvet covers in a chequered pattern. For modern, elegant indulgent comfort try matching a stark white Egyptian cotton cover with a black or purple quilted throw.

Silk or satin bedding will add classic glamour and adding oyster tones and perhaps a fur throw will give it a 1930s art deco flavour.

With nothing more than a humble duvet cover and a little inspired accessorising, it really is possible to transport your home from French Renaissance to New York loft in a matter of minutes - then, should the mood take you, swap it back.

Luxury bedding sets are your key to wherever you want to go. It is your affordable piece of luxury- which is something all of us deserve and could possibly do with, given all we have to put up with these days!

When proper attention is given, there is no such thing as the wrong side of the bed!

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