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personalized wedding gifts How To Make A Decoupaged Picture Frame With Printed Hankies pillow covers floral

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Use your beautiful handkerchiefs and turn them into something new like our Decoupaged Picture Frame.

I love this cherry blossom handkerchief. The beautiful robin’s egg border compliments the cherry blossoms so well and I wanted to create something with it where I could see it all the time.

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I’m not sure if you’ve ever used Mod Podge before but they make it in a variety of different kinds. Since the fabric I’m using is a handkerchief, I knew the paper version would work perfect. Mod Podge is the best way to make a decoupaged craft. I’ve done picture frames, cardboard crafts and glass jars and they’ve all turned out beautifully.

I searched through my paints and found the closest robin’s egg blue that I could to make our initial in the center and it turned out to be a perfect match.


How to make ourDecoupaged Picture Frame:

1. Remove the cardboard backing from your picture frame. Paint the cardboard backing whitepersonalized wedding gifts, let dry and paint a second (maybe third) coat of paint.

2. Paint your wooden letter blue, let dry and paint a second (maybe third) coat of paint.

3. Once your letter is painted, apply your E6000 glue onto the back of the letter and glue the letter to the white cardboard backing.

4. Cut out rectangles a little larger than the 4 sides of your picture frame (large enough to glue the edges to the back of the frame).

5. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podgeto whichever side you start on, press the fabric down on the Mod Podge smoothly, apply more Mod Podge onthe sides and back of the frame and tightly wrap your handkerchief to the back of the frame.

6. Once you decoupage one side of the frame, do the same to the opposite side. Then decoupage the remaining two sides.

7. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the fabric and let dry.

8. Place your painted cardboard backing back into the frame and your frame is now ready to hang.

I love how this Decoupaged Picture Frame turned out, it makes a beautiful addition to my living room. Let us know in the comment section below where in your house you would hang your frame.

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