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personalized wedding gifts Give your Christmas decor a romantic floral twist - sofa pillow covers

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Get into the garden and fossick for something festive and floral this year. We show you how to create a seasonal statement for your table or wall

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Why not opt for a gorgeous, long-lasting floral hanging instead of a wreath this Christmas? We used tulip magnolia branches to create a strong linear structure for the base of the hanging. Bind branches together with florist’s reel wire. Position orchids as the focal point of the piece and attach with wire (taking care not to damage the heads).

Place pieces of cryptandra and foraged foliage around the orchids, leaving space in the middle for visual interest. Once you are happy with the placement, secure everything with wire and hang with jute string. This should last between 2-3 weekspersonalized wedding gifts, so you will be able to enjoy it in the lead-up to Christmas.

We used conifer to create this lush centrepiece, to give a seasonal look and a festive scent that reminds us of pine. Place conifer branches along the table length. Start with a thin line and gradually add on pieces, depending on how full you want your arrangement to be.

Trim off any pieces that stick out awkwardly, but try to maintain that ‘wild botanical’ look. Place tapered pieces at either end to cascade over the side of the table. Once you have the desired shape, bind the pieces together carefully using florist wire. This should last up to a week.

Here we used a simple technique of tying bunches of berzelia to a tree branch using jute string. Gather your flowers into nine bunches of three or four stems, trim back the excess leaves and tie with jute. When tying, stagger the heads of the flowers so there are longer pieces at the back.

Once you have your bunches tied, attach string to the stems, then tie onto the branch, staggering the lengths. You could do this with herbs or other flowers that you wish to dry, and keep them up over the summer months.

Using a birch wreath as a base (you can buy these from a floristry supplier or create your own), tie on your favourite flowers or foliage with florist wire. We have used (clockwise from top right) foraged foliage; conifer, eucalyptus and brachyglottis; Spanish moss and kalanchoe; cryptandra (centre); pieris; ilex berries; and Little Gem magnolia leaves.

Photography by: Wendy Fenwick.

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