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The true blue hue of our Robin’;s Eggs infuse your Easter?eggs with natural beauty, and the gold specks bring a hint of glam. When gathered together in a nest, basket or part of a centerpiecepersonalized wedding gifts, these easy-to-make dyed eggs make a big impact.

What You’;ll Need: Blue and green dyes, gold paint, paintbrush, boiled eggs and bowls.

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Step One:?Dye eggs various shades of blue (try mixing blue and green dyes for various turquoise colors).

Step Two:?Allow eggs to dry completely.

Step Three:?Using a stiff paint brush or toothbrush, dip tool in paint (food grade or otherwise) and use finger to create a spray effect on egg


Happy Easter eggs decorating!

1. Dye eggs with robin’;s-egg blue craft paint and allow to dry.

2. Pour a small amount of brown paint onto a plate and mix with 1-2 drops of water to slightly thin it.

3. Dip the end of a?paintbrush into the thinned paint then run your thumb over the brush’;s tip to add a speckled effect to the eggs.

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