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Try these super easy Hanky Wine Bags whenyou’re looking for the perfect DIY hostess gift. Even a beginning seamstress can put this project together in less than 15 minutes. Yes, it’s that easy!

This wine bag puts a perfect finishing touch on the always welcome gift of wine. The bags are washable and reusable. Give the gift of wine with an extra special heartfelt touch!

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Gather the supplies you’ll need.


Lay the handkerchiefs on top of each other with the correct sides facing together. This means that the pretty sides are on the inside of the two layers.

Pin three sides of the handkerchiefs to hold them in place. You’ll be leaving open one side for the opening of the bag. Make sure to place the pins facing in so that they’re easy to remove as you sew.

Begin at the top right corner of the handkerchiefs and stitch a backstitch to lock the thread in place.

Sew a straight stitch around the three pinned sides and finish with a backstitch to lock the thread in place.

Trim the extra thread at the beginning and end of the stitches.

Turn the bag right sides out. It will look like a pillow case with one open side.

Push out the two corner or leave them rounded, if you prefer.

Enclose the wine inside the bag and finish with a gift tag at the top. I used a 4 inch piece of twinepersonalized wedding gifts, tied it in a circles through the tag, and then placed that around the napkin. Make sure to fluff out the top of the scalloped edge for an extra pretty effect.

Alternative directions for slimmer bag

This bag is big enough for even a large 1500ml bottle of wine. However, if you’d prefer a smaller bag for a slimmer look on a 750ml bottle you can simply use one handkerchief.

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