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Sally Schneider

We passed Ateliers Dubois Antiques in Harlem a number of times in the evening when it was closed, pressing our nose against the window to look in and marvel at…;its wallpaper: roughly painted sheets or ordinary 8.5-x-11-inch paper. Last weekend, we found the store open and wandered in to take a closer look. We got lots of ideas.

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Sally Schneider

Djamibapersonalized wedding gifts, one of the owners, said that an artist friend had made the paintings. What an idea: their graphic black and white transform the rough, odd images into a graphic pattern that curiously works…;

Sally Schneider

Their mood changes on every wall…;

Sally Schneider

We noticed that even a door had been covered, so you’;d barely know it was there were it not for the handle.

Sally Schneider

We’;re not the best at drawing but we could see our scrawling handwriting or homemade cyanotypes…;

Emma Freeman Photography

or even computer or hand-made dots, and lines…;.or the squiggly ballpoint lines on walls we once saw…;one sheet at a time…;.

Lisa Klappe

Use them as decorative accents throughout your home! The little pops of yellow brighten a room and make it feel alive! There are a number of ways to put this natural look to work in your space. Here are a few ideas from our Kirkland’s Insiders.

The?Smithsonian Art Museum?was so much more than I expected. A half day is all I thought I would need to wander the halls and see the paintings. My intention when I visited was not so much to enjoy it, but to do it because I had to as an artist. I grew up sitting in galleries full of oil paintings with my Grandma. I thought this would be similar only on a larger scale.? Nothing could be farther from the truth. The museum was the most spectacular gallery I have ever stepped foot in. A few days is needed to see it in it’s entirety. Here is only a small portion of what the Smithsonian Art Museum houses.

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