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Cut out your stockings. You will need two of the outside fabric and two of the lining fabric for each stocking. I find it’;s easiest to do this by folding your fabric in half (right or wrong sides together) and cutting out, that way you have mirror images of your stockings. If you are cutting out the stockings on an electronic cutting machine, make sure you make a copy of the stocking and then mirror it so you have both sides of the stocking.

Line up one outside piece and one lining piece right sides together. Make sure the toes are going the same direction. Sew along the top seam with a 1/4″; seam allowance. Press the seam to one side. Repeat for the other set.

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Line your two pieces uppersonalized wedding gifts, matching the outside pieces together and the lining pieces together. Make sure the seams where the pieces are sewn together line up. Sew around the entire piece using a 1/4″; seam allowance, leaving an opening in the bottom of the stocking for turning. (as indicated by the space between the yellow butterfly pins).

Use pinking shears or sharp scissors to cut notches in all the curves of the stocking.Turn right side out and press. Make sure you push out the seams all the way, especially on the curves to get the best possible stocking shape.

Turn the seam allowance of the opening in the lining under and sew using an edge stitch.

Push the lining inside of the stocking. Make sure the top seam is even and press.

Turn over the cuff of the stocking.

Now repeat 11 more times!

I find it’;s easier to do these in batches of 3 or 4, just to keep things moving and to feel like I’;m making progress.? They are actually pretty simple to put together!

I used my Cricut to make some tags with chipboard and vinyl, but you could use cardstock, fabric or even precut tags. Next, I attached the stockings to the string for hanging with clothespins.

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Hi all – it’s Christa Watson here. Are you having a great time following the quilt along so far? I sure am enjoying all of the gorgeous Beaded Lanterns quilts that are starting to pop up online. Check out the hashtag #beadedlanternsqal on Instagram to see everyone’s progress so far. You can also upload your images to the We All Sew community site.

This cocktail can be made in two different ways – the original is made from stout and champagne or there's a 'poor man's Black Velvet which replaces the champagne with apple cider or perry. The art of this serving either version correctly is to have the bottom layer of champagne or cider with the stout on the top layer – it's important not to let the two mix.

Here’s another easy last-minute gift idea, one that I especially like for taking to holiday parties. It’s also adaptable to nearly any sort of occasion or event, so you might want to make several in different colors to stash in a drawer for emergency gift-making. Fill a jar with treats –?candies or cookies, bath salts or mani/pedi set and polishes, thread spools and sewing notions –?then top it off with a pretty cover.

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